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Young Country traditionalist Alex Miller’s world expanded following his American Idol experience in 2021. Shortly after exiting the show, Miller secured a manager, a booking agent, and a record label. Alex’s well-received debut album, MILLER TIME, was released in April of 2022 and generated three high-impact singles: ‘I’m Over You, So Get Over Me,’ ‘Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya,’ and ‘Through With You.’ Alex’s second release for Billy Jam Records, COUNTRY (October 2023), featured his more recent hits, ‘When God Made The South,’ ‘Girl, I Know A Guy,’ and his recent smash single, ‘Puttin’ Up Hay.’

Alex is back with brand new music, and a track that’s not a song ABOUT his Grandaddy, it’s his Grandaddy IN a song!

Check out the great video for Alex’s smash hit ‘Puttin Up Hay’

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